artist: video director / editor: clothes: lyrics: Talking bout a money and I'm talking bout a bank, Talking bout a money, give a fuck about a lame. Working for the money and that shit gone still the same, I'm just runnin', jumpin', thru the city like insane. Talking bout a money and I'm talking bout a game, And I burned it quickly like a fuckin' hurricane. Talking bout a money and I'm talking bout a fame, Always solved that problems, so you keep me posted, mane. Catch me on the lane If you got me on you're list, Could you put me on a first, Ratchet bitches always stick, And they have only make me worse. We gone ride tonight and even if we ain't sober, Where's that funny guy, I thought that he's a fucking baller. And I got a special place to stay, that's why I called her, She may not even know that I was stuck inside her middle. And her booty down and up, I think that she's a killer, She's give me favor, hot tomatoes, she gone brings a fever. While we talk about a Lakers, Celtics won the finals, In a half time she was sucking, and she's swallow. In the car, in this fuckin' bar, in this park, oh my Lord, oh my God but why she still a starves. That's my ounce, that's my crib, I'm flex and flounce, That's my chain, shaking and you hear that sound. It's my mouth, In you're pussy, Fuck the drought. On a south, she gone call me blabbermouth. Why the fuck you trunna be with me, Remind you what you did to me. Left me in a misery, All that came between with me, Emotions got a liberty. And if the God has made you free, that he could make you evilly. And I can make it legally, they had paid me legally. They claimed us that we're newest league, And I'm hoo, and I'm flip, and I look at the league, give a fuck bout what you see, All that rappers who you need, Fuck that, I just kill that league. Kill that league. It's simple like a ABC, Watch me and I'm going lit. Kill that league.

Film Director and Cinematographer Nikita Zamoyski. Second Assistant Director Dmitry Vinokurov. Sound Blvck Amethyst. Singer Wavy Dem. Manager Coordinator Liliana Zamoiska. Cast Jessica Karnitskaya, Julia Charaha, Dmitry Zubkov, Anatoliy Uvarov, Roman Philip.

Instagram: @wavydem @nikitazamoyski @m_d_s_h_o_p @grunge2017 SoundCloud: Management & Audio production

“Go Skateboarding Day” Kiev 2018 Видео-отчет посвященный празднованию GSD в Киеве. Главные организаторы - «Fusion shop» Главные спонсоры: «Shift», «Fusion shop», «Марафон» А так же при поддержке: «Papa-power skateboarding», «Werush», «Kapkan», «Skate Ukraine», «Stuff-Shop» Съемка и монтаж - Никита Замойский Спасибо всем было очень круто!


Съемка и монтаж: Никита Замойский

044 КЛАН @044rose Shot by @nikitazamoyski

Большой концерт группы MOZGI в STEREOPLAZA 14.02.2017 Исполнители: RusOne, dr.Ed Съемка и монтаж: Никита Замойский

What Geran Crew do when they are bored yungsimmie riderclan rider skateboarding geran zamoyskiy

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