This just creates This just entertainment No need take serious Cricket fans my special request Thanking yoy nudevspuke

India 35/3 India need to win 252 runs Batting pujara and wk(parthiv) Vijay 9 runs out Kl rahul 4 Kholi 5 South Africa blowing Lungingidi 2wickets Rabada pick 1 wicket South Africa 2nd innings 258/10 Ab 80runs Dean Elgar 61 India blowing Shami 4wickets Bumrah 3 wickets Ishant sharma 2wickets Ashwin 1wicket

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Virat has won 4 ICC awards ICC captain of the year ICC test team of the year ICC odi team of the year ICC player of the year

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Hello cricket lovers and wwe fans Dhoni is great finisher of india cricket team Intelligent batsmen and best wicket keeper in the world Coming into Braun strowman He is great power man and stronger man *This is just creates*just entertainment* This video is from Nudevspuke nudevspuke Thanks alot nudevspuke great match Don't take serious wwe fans Braunstrowman losses match ,i hopefully u will understand This is just game Keep support for us

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Dean Ambrose and Renee young married April 9 2017 married

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Like and subscribe WWE HIGHLIGHTS Cricket updates Virat won 4 awards ICC player of the award,test captain,odi captain,odi player of the award Hasan Ali emerging player of the award Rashid Khan associate player of the year Chahal won best t20 performance of the year Dean Elgar won best test player of the year David Warner won best odi player of the year Anya shrubsole spirit female cricketer of the year Steive smith ICC test player of the award Best fan moment India vs Pakistan 2017 ICC champion trophy

Most of the wwe fans wait for john cena Returns Rumours and Reports john cena Returns next Monday Night Raw December25 Happy marry Christmas advance all viewers

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