England 1-2 Spain | Last-minute Equaliser Controversially Ruled Out | Official Highlights

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England 1-2 Spain |  Last-minute Equaliser Controversially Ruled Out | Official Highlights

England took the lead through Marcus Rashford but two close-range finishes from Saul Niguez and Rodrigo put Spain ahead. A last-minute equaliser from England was controversially ruled out after Danny Welbeck was adjudged to have fouled David de Gea. Subscribe to England: The FA: Wembley Stadium: TWITTER The FA: The England Football Team: Wembley Stadium: The FA WSL: FACEBOOK The FA Cup: The England Football Team: The England Women’s Football Team: The FA WSL: Wembley Stadium: INSTAGRAM The England Football Team:

Comments to the video: England 1-2 Spain | Last-minute Equaliser Controversially Ruled Out | Official Highlights

In the final golaverage, Spais was the best.
vanessa valim 3 days ago
England is much better than Spain
pulkit dhirana 12 days ago
When refree is paid by Spain
SportsBR 15 days ago
sign up for the channel and follow everything about world football!
maxwell luca filho 19 days ago
EngaPheniks 20 days ago
The Spanish Armada has won
Erika Simatupang 21 days ago
itu seharusnya penalty dodol
Totalpack17 Totalpack17 24 days ago
España jugó a media máquina
Anthony Suarez 24 days ago
Spain and England will always be rivals in football or Empire wise or historical Haha
Arbz Gaming HD 29 days ago
I was in the game and I was screaming when rashford scored
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
a esos hay q entrarles tambien de la misma manera a romper fuerte al tobillo o una rodillita como a neymar y no se nota no hay sangre es algo mu sutil y EFECTIVO jajjajjajaj nene
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
los jugdesangrarl irreal madrid estan preparados entrenados para entrar a romper a quebrar a
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
el tecnico de inglaterra es como pekerman no entiende xq gana y pierde o empata panico disiMULAdo
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
ese hpta q le habla al tecnico de españa estaba con chelsea q acabo con barcelon a y pep cara de huevon pero se nota mal geniado y de todo
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
se supone q estos estupidos ingleses tienen q estar al interior de la triangulacion balon 1er palo y 2do palo y estan y todo sitio menos ese osea abandono zonal e implica invasion zonal agrandar al balon..y es de lo mejor en tecnico y selecciones recienetes campeaos de todo a todo nivel y destino..
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
muy enanos los jugadores de españa city y barcelona
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
los ingleses son bien grandes y brutos si miras la posicion osea la diagonal al 2do palo en el 2do de españa todos estan de esa diagonal hacia atras de la posicion y seguro la cul´pa es del arquero q morones
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
luis enriqu e e te van a hacer puros goles de contragolpe y bola seca quieta
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
españa parece al manchester united de MOU MALISISIMO pero inlaterra es 10 veces peor
Carlos Andres Ramirez 1 month ago
inglatierra 1 en españa todos corren hacia atras agrandando al balon van mal perfilados el lateral muy abierto tenia q cerrar altura de la mitad de la mitad del arco xq el q hace el gol esta en el 2do palo y el central esta en el 1er palo y el lateral al estar abierto el q hizo el gol entro completamente solo y caminando LLLLLuuuiiiicoiiitoo
George Magdy 1 month ago
What happened to Luke Shaw ???!. I think the ref made a bad call on that last minute equalizer !
Sky Blue Harry Loxton 1 month ago
But it came off Dr gea
Nicky Goodwin 1 month ago
I wish it was 6-1
Chèvre Obscure 1 month ago
Spain is just better than England :)
Chèvre Obscure 19 days ago
Spain 6-0 Croatia England 2-1 Croatia England is just lucky to be in the Final 4 :)
Adam Hodgkinson 19 days ago
Peanutbutter Banana 1 month ago
oh now you'll pay REaMBER I said reilplie in 5 seconds also sorry for my spelling
Peanutbutter Banana 1 month ago
England beated spain 2 - 3 last week are they still better I'm not joking are they still better tell me 5 seconds now >:(
puto el que lo lea 1 month ago
England 1 Referee 2
Italyspaget12 Spaget 1 month ago
What a div
Italyspaget12 Spaget 1 month ago
Such a byaste ref
Nordzulazman Mohamed Isa 1 month ago
Espanyol is a good team
El salvador Countryball guy 1 month ago
Spain da best!🇪🇸🏆 and spain won a world cup 2010!! When did england win?
Peanutbutter Banana 1 month ago
1666 also we got revenge by beating Spain 2 - 3
Duncan Sands 1 month ago
Spain 2 England 3 ???????????????????????????
Farshid Ganji 1 month ago
foul is correctly
Lithuaniaball OFFICIAL 1 month ago
Cov Kid 1 month ago
See Gareth Southgate song here: 'Gareth's Just a Normal Kind of Bloke'
Mustafa Erel 1 month ago
Hello barça hello liverpool
Cristian Garcia 1 month ago
Thiago’s goal could have been as good as pavards
EmanBeatz 1 month ago
crap reffing
Laura Videostar 1 month ago
Yesterday, Spain played worse than England, but Spain is better than England. A part, we played without goalkeeper basically. I lived very tense minutes because England is very well. Even so, I am very proud of my team and I hope we win against Croatia
Nahimana Luvky Rayan 1 month ago
No problem
Bidhan Regmi 1 month ago
That was not a foul.😈😈
Nabil Akhtar 1 month ago
Karma strikes back 🤣🤣🤣
Dr. Complex 1 month ago
Now they are losing 3-0. Just when I thought Spain would run away with the tournament, they are in danger of losing it all, if the hungry Croats beat them next time they meet, and England avenges their semi defeat against Croatia.
Peanutbutter Banana 1 month ago
Is half time right now spain 0 england 3 IS TImE FOr REVENGe >:)
Anya Sam 1 month ago
🔴 Live now here 👉 «
Jesica Martin 1 month ago
🔴 Live now here 👉 «
TheSinexPro919 - Minecraft PvP y más 1 month ago
Ez 🇪🇸
R0339n 1 month ago
Who do you think will win for tomorrows match again?Spain or england
Richard Harris 1 month ago
that was never a foul
Richard Harris 1 month ago
Oscar Chile 1 month ago
a good team loose and respect the rival.England always represent those values in sport.can,t understand all the complains.it,s fault,you loose,acept it as gentlemen.good luck next time
Two-tone Blue 1 month ago
What the hell is the. UEFA Nations League ?
Manel L. Ceballos 1 month ago
To win Spain it is necessary that England build another team, because that only serves to drive coal from Ireland to London.
Daniels 1 month ago
That goal should have counted wtf!
thomas Santangelo 1 month ago
Kane didn’t make contact w the defenders.
Estado Demagógico 2 months ago
Im Spanish but i think England deserved this win
Zam 2 months ago
Not a fan of either Spain or England, but England were the better side and it should have been 2/2.
Hetfield 83 2 months ago
El portero en area chica no se toca.ley del futbol
Julien Anton 2 months ago
This save from De Gea 4:02 insane
midid 34 2 months ago
Engl*nd sucks
nathan bro 2 months ago
It seems that blaming the ref and the opposition doesn't work anymore for England and their fans, so instead call it 'controversial.' LOL
daga soul 2 months ago
Afroengland sucks!!! Viva españa
GGT CRF 2 months ago
It was an equalizer
Orange juice 2 months ago
Nigland sucks lol🐵💩
Nizar Assoufi 2 months ago
Yeeeeh the gypsys win !!!
Alfredo Valdez 2 months ago
Vosotros ingleses sois unos hijos de la gran puta
Nicole Gomez 2 months ago
Si cierto
Johnny K 2 months ago
lam thi thanh kieu 2 months ago
De Gea is back!!!!!
silvia movie3d 2 months ago
kamran bartley 2 months ago
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lingstrum 2 months ago
so we are just gonna ignore that inch perfect assist from shaw
Señor Trepador 2 months ago
hahhaa Spain playing at 50% better than the best engald team ever.at his.home.depressing.
Dave Williams 2 months ago
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Nerfshooter Gamer 2 months ago
I want old football back.
Hans Van der Broek 2 months ago
It was the only wrong decision by the ref, but a seriously big one
joseph tugaoen 2 months ago
the Spanish Armada wins.
Pelukowski ggwp 2 months ago
Please change everything to make england win a match ajajajajajaja fkn drunkers.
Deez Nhutz 2 months ago
I am a supporter of the Polish National Team. Must say, England, were robbed. De Gea, could have easily caught that. As the English would say, He bobbled it. !!!!!!!!!! Welbeck ignored the play and did not participate in De Gea's mistake.
Alfi Fajrian Mahmudi 2 months ago
woow, Manchester United atmosphere
Peace Harmony 2 months ago
Overall, very promising from the English side. I'm very pleased to see the young Rashford take a starting role in the lineup. Obviously, the team has room for improvement, but this is a fine new beginning in the build up for the next Euro, and World Cup.
DanielSong39 2 months ago
Guys, it's a friendly. You might as well be complaining about getting hosed in FIFA 2019
Alejandro Garcia 2 months ago
Just smash some tennis racquets against the goal poles and cry racism cause a black brit. african/primate was denied a goal. That's the shameful Serena's way for sore losers.
random stem 2 months ago
The ref made the right call. It was obviously a foul.
Ahmed Vlogs 2 months ago
I have no shame in admitting that I hate England fans more than Ramos.
Hubert Muramira 2 months ago
he clearly dropped the ball
Hubert Muramira 2 months ago
and where was var????!!!
Hubert Muramira 2 months ago
the referee was just silly and it was david de gea fault though I support man u
The Bengali Guy 2 months ago
this is why you need var to those who think we dont
Bash Ade 2 months ago
That was a natural foul. No goal! No intent to obstruct the keeper though.A very nice game from both sides.So, England should move on!
Venvil Henry D'Silva 2 months ago
Not at all an England supporter but that’s funny referring 🤣🤣
DanielSong39 2 months ago
Welbeck pushed Sencio in the back before making contact with the keeper. Easy foul.
Simplemente Fútbol 2 months ago
España es más que Inglaterra en fútbol desde hace bastante rato, es normal que Inglaterra pierda contra España, lo raro es que lo haga aún siendo local.
jerste 2 months ago
Controversially 🙄
Ahmed Vlogs 2 months ago
So you don’t like injustice? Isn’t that how you won your only World Cup? Besides, that was a final and this was not.
Quasimodo 2 months ago
Can everyone just appreciate Shaw's f*cking fantastic through ball?! Doesn't get any better than that
ABZz 2 months ago
Not a Spanish supporter but England can only beat bad teams like Tunisia, Panama, Sweden but lost against Belgium my favourites twice in the WC lost to Croatia also and now Spain🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸
Nipun Sharma 2 months ago
Not always the case
AlrexX 2 months ago
I understand why english fans are so butthurt, I would be pissed if this happened to my team too. But instead of complaining you guys could focus more on how well your team played
faisalsameer khan 2 months ago
Dutch players and Dutch referees both suck!!!
Djonny Simarmata 2 months ago
Within the keeper reach
Omar Dabo 2 months ago
Rashford has to take that chance at 6:08 and score if he wants to be considered a world class striker. 9 out of 10 times Mbappe would've scored with that chance. Honestly i don't know what Welbeck did wrong there for the referee to disallow the goal smh
gavin richter 2 months ago
Damn nobody talkinb about Shaw getting knocked out lol
X men X men 2 months ago
Luck shaw I love you