Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5-0)

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Barcelona vs Real Madrid  (5-0)

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Comments to the video: Barcelona vs Real Madrid (5-0)

FEEL MY STYLE 8 months ago
👉 My Instagram: *fms_r10*
Gurrey Abdulahi 1 day ago
Man siti
Huỳnh Chí Offical 13 days ago
T h ằ n g T è o E m 19 days ago
류창용 21 days ago
+Yolanda Henriquez sobre su vida personal
Gilang Maros 28 days ago
Real madrid anjing tidak tau main mau lawan barcelona
mai nguyen thi ngoc 1 hour ago
Real Madrid is noob
Soe Moe 5 hours ago
My fav Barca game!
akram alkasasbeh 6 hours ago
Mathreet had got the filthiest players in the world.Ramos and pepe
Louis Tan 12 hours ago
Would be 6 messi hit the post
Dipankar Ray 20 hours ago
Messi Messi Messi
Tim Blaq 23 hours ago
Amazing Barcelona
Tim Blaq 23 hours ago
Amazing Barcelona
Neymar JR 1 day ago
O nome disso é estrupo
Odebala Nelson 1 day ago
Odebala Nelson 1 day ago
manfred baier 1 day ago
the impire is a fool !
Anucreya Duwadi 2 days ago
Ohhh goddd 24k dislikes from real madrid fans😂😂
menim ushaqlarim arab 2 days ago
ramos faciyu
Douglas Ferreira Lima 2 days ago
Cristiano Ronaldo chorando kkkkkkkk Messi como sempre, pondo o Real no bolso kkkkkkkk
Umida Imidaa 2 days ago
Messi like Barcelona 🌠
Anthony Al Fatiha 2 days ago
41M views for a rape !!! wow Where a you Madrid fans??? ahaha
Iqbal Pratama 3 days ago
barcelona is the best💕❤❤
Debessai Abraham 3 days ago
Pepe+++Ramos <<<<<Messi For sure
Debessai Abraham 3 days ago
👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋kkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Ilham Wensrrr 3 days ago
Kangen Barca yang dulu.
abe_Lok 89 3 days ago
Fuck for Ronaldo and ramos.bullshitttt.
Bisesh Bhattarai 3 days ago
real Madrid haha it is very loiser
Heisenberg Vicious 3 days ago
Jogo inesquecível! Cade os br ?
Zulkifli Hutagalung 3 days ago
Mourinho is a Joke😂😂
Shabaaz Khan 3 days ago
ramos being an motherfucker 😠😠😠
Miguel Castro 3 days ago
Messi melhor de todos os tempos
kobe barter 3 days ago
Messi 4 days ago
The Unforgettable Match.
NBANewGeneration 4 days ago
400 million people were watching this game??!!
Mes Que Un Club 4 days ago
41 MILLION views, WOW.
mickey love 4 days ago
Why did FIFA still allow Ramos to be playing football? Are they waiting till he kill someone in the pitch before giving him a life ban. Ramos is simply worst than a wild animal.
js feroz hossain 5 days ago
Ramos need to go mental Hospital
Sigit Siswantono 5 days ago
Yayu Dewi 5 days ago
Kangen pisan sareng skuad barca nu ieu.
SinnerYT 5 days ago
The score and the goals were the least indicator of Barcelona's victory that day. Any football fan should have the whole match in their library. It's really worth it. The perfect game from Barcelona, total annihilation.
Ismail Ismail 5 days ago
2018 👋
UC FC 5 days ago
When was this?
Abubakar yusuf 5 days ago
Sarki messi
Kaltuma Ahmed 5 days ago
Cr7 never defeated Messi by a 4 to 5 goal margin in a single game. Messi did that severally. Barca 5-0 Real Madrid Real Madrid 0-4 Barcelona.
mateus_predador_ BR 5 days ago
2018 show Barça! 💥
janmejay kumar 5 days ago
Ronaldo don't know how to play Messi is better than Ronaldo in every thing Messi technically better than ronaldo
ardi bayu 6 days ago
0.41 ada bahasa indonesia
Dewa Faraby 6 days ago
Real Madrid Cemen Barcelona keren
Diassis Lima 6 days ago
Messi o melhor da historia
abhyarthana ghosh 6 days ago
good messi good
Ibrahim Zulfiquar 6 days ago
Absolutely destroyed Madridiots 😂😂😂
Sahanawaz Khan 7 days ago
World's worst team real Madrid. Such a bad behaviour in this game. Shame of them.
Rumel hossain 7 days ago
d5 g2g watch ur ed
ngheo Sophan 7 days ago
Nhục như con chó
Tural Hemze 7 days ago
bu neter olar axı orda bale ve ronaldo var
Roslyn Goundar 7 days ago
Rajan bardewa 7 days ago
if u love football and you don't like barcelona then football is not for you Henry
usman ghori 7 days ago
take a whore in his home and fuck her ass hole
usman ghori 7 days ago
3:56 is just for marceloo
Farhan Sheikh 7 days ago
Fuck Israel
Toddy Mwangi 7 days ago
This Barcelona team was the best club football team ever by far. Same season we whitewashed Man U at Wembley. Pep is a Genius.
Amiel Gonzales 7 days ago
yall got a thing for feet
โยธิน ดิศโยธิน 7 days ago
pol7gak 8 days ago
Lioniel Messi 😍
Leo Messi 8 days ago
2018 October?
I AM 8 days ago
Barcelona fifth goal is from Jeffren. Who is Jeffren? Where is Jeffren?
Rizal Habibulloh 8 days ago
Barcelona FC is the best
Cydap Gaming 8 days ago
Shuvo ONE 8 days ago
Ronaldo wrong player
Mubarack Ibraheem 9 days ago
Till today, real madrid are suffering in the hands of barcelona. this is so unfortunate
Bogusław Szpytma 9 days ago
wszyscy moi koledy z gimnazjum kibicujom barsieee taaaak VeVb
Bogusław Szpytma 9 days ago
hala barcaa
박주영 9 days ago
시발ㄹㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋ메시는 쳐맞기만했는데 옐로주노
Papan Roy 9 days ago
Rielero805 9 days ago
Be honest with yourselves Real Mierda fans. Barcelona has butt fucked you as they pleased for the last decade.
Nick Dnistrenko 9 days ago
Hit like if Messi is the GOAT
Josef Slobodník 9 days ago
Ramos is bitchhhhhhh, who agrees like !!!
منوعات كل شي 9 days ago
قويه صراحة😂
Md Alam 10 days ago
sasuke huchija 10 days ago
barca the bets
Irem Furkan 10 days ago
Barcelona win
MoBa TV 10 days ago
Zoltán Budai 11 days ago
Messi the best
Tommy Tikka 11 days ago
but but roma nooo 😫😫😫
Tommy Tikka 11 days ago
October 2018 anyone? Any madridiot watching and crying? 😂
This match happened and boom casillas, ozil, khedira and rest were gone
donny moreira carriel 11 days ago
Las barcelocas
Hài hước TV Hit 12 days ago
Mấy ba im
Steven 12 days ago
i dont know why messi got yellow card
Alzena Atha 12 days ago
ronaldo lose.
Paul Aidoo 12 days ago
Tono Carvarera 13 days ago
madried gembel lapangan🖕🖕👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
Prahil Bhowmik 13 days ago
Sorry Casillas. We love u. But UEFADRID was is will be a piece of shit.
u picciriddu paulo Dybala 13 days ago
Juve la squadra più forte del mondo nessuna squadra ha l anima della Juve quest'anno surclasseremo tutti
Danny Grimaldo 13 days ago
Mourinho is manager. Makes sense 😂 he can make any team shit!
好きAtlético de Madrid 13 days ago
Syari Wardiningsih 13 days ago
Taxgamer -Vlogs to 14 days ago
When players get mad at each other it reminds me of kids in class complaining to a teacher then children get so mad
thai148652 14 days ago
Có thằng việt nam nào ở đây k nhỉ
نومي كريم 14 days ago
himel saleh 14 days ago
Sergio Ramos pushed Pyol like a monster. That guy is an animal.
Afghan. Viral 14 days ago
---------------------> ( ✋ )
Islam Abd 14 days ago
Love barca
Budi Hartoyo 15 days ago
Crying by ronaldo
Inception 4 15 days ago
I miss david villa and the entire barca so so much💝💝💝. Messi, busquets,pique left😞. Villa was very very influential for both Barcelona and spain nt