Wwe Raw 3-6-2017 Undertaker Returns To Raw Full HD

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Wwe Raw 3-6-2017 Undertaker Returns To Raw  Full HD

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Comments to the video: Wwe Raw 3-6-2017 Undertaker Returns To Raw Full HD

WWE WORLD 5 months ago
ThankYouTaker Thanks For Your Support!
Charlie Vincent 16 hours ago
WWE WORLD of wee
Badal Mazumder 2 days ago
Edik Mehdiev 2 days ago
Sanjay Bhusnar 2 days ago
raymart alvarez
ماجد المقطري 3 hours ago
اندرتيكر روعة
tigerbait134 6 hours ago
I would shit my pants
celestial unni 9 hours ago
Undertaker screw dis big dog.
David Conner 13 hours ago
😈 There is only one Under Tacker😈
pankaj kashyap 16 hours ago
All fixed
saurav jain 19 hours ago
Undertaker is the greatest wrestler in the history of world wrestling
Robert Contreras Jr 21 hours ago
The Brothers of Destruction is awesome Undertaker Kane alright remember they face to face their own their own opponents how about Kevin Nash versus the Deadman WrestleMania
Bharat Bk 22 hours ago
Roman is of world
Raj jaiswar 23 hours ago
I love the undertaker
Amar Sosta 1 day ago
أشهد ان لا اله الا الله واسهد أن محمد رسول الله
Aqeel Hussain 1 day ago
roman music hardly anyone cheering. the takers music and everyone went crazy!!!! legend.
Raja Sahoo 1 day ago
I like his performance n attitude
ابو داحم البرنس 1 day ago
اندرتيكر دوره يادب المهايطيه هههههه
Ocha 0708 1 day ago
Tanks underkarter
Tiffany Mccall 1 day ago
Be careful for what you wish for because it might just come true
Hhjj Ggh 1 day ago
Hhjj Ggh 1 day ago
BHUMAN 1 day ago
Undertaker is legend in wwe
Jason Zothanpuia 2 days ago
i miss undertaker
Gaurav quest 2 days ago
Braun strowman pops his pants
SURYA FANS CLUB 2 days ago
Otha badu taker
Lalu Chaudhary 2 days ago
Sabir Ali 2 days ago
undertekar is the best
احمد العزب 2 days ago
رائع هذا الكم من المصارعين التقوياء على مستوى العالم
Imran Waseem 2 days ago
The dead man comes up
Previous Mudindo 2 days ago
gamer27 García 2 days ago
Romen reings is Beter then the undertaker
RiceViceGaming 2 days ago
no words were said, but Braun knew to gtfo.
Bubai Digar 2 days ago
The Undertaker I am Your Next Copycusy I am The Thundertaker okk.
GURDEEP SINGH 3 days ago
Great wresttler
Skay Sharma 3 days ago
Arun KM 3 days ago
The undertaker 🔫
Manoj Kumar Singh 3 days ago
Davon Douglas 3 days ago
The Undertaker Goes Face To Face With The Monster.
Ashley Morgan 3 days ago
the king of the legend Undertaker is back lmfao
RAT BURL 3 days ago
Under T !!!! 💀😈🤘
Mubarok Ali 3 days ago
thanks Undertekar
Jenelle Lutchman 3 days ago
Sign of respect, that's the only reason braun strowman walked out of that ring
Omen Saklani 3 days ago
Undertaker is great
Randhir Kumar 4 days ago
Undertaker the king of choakslam
Akhilesh kumar 4 days ago
Undertaker is my favorite wrestler
Harshini Varma 4 days ago
undertaker is the best
Shameera 890 4 days ago
I like you my best undertaker
Shubham Kumar 4 days ago
Rajputana tigers ganaukhar nice to see if you have any other person like this one and only for use
Tyren Terrell 4 days ago
Tyren Terrell
Willy jesús Hidalgo quispe 4 days ago
Denis Daily 4 days ago
Chicken 🐓
Denis Daily 4 days ago
Scary cat
Ali Askani 4 days ago
The dead man can not do anything but I was jk undertaken is the best the dead man the best wwe start
Ali Askani 4 days ago
Undertaker is the best
Thats right 0 words.only eyes . Undertaker for you !
Badshan Ullah 4 days ago
Arunkumar C 4 days ago
undertaker is a real HULK
Kuldeep Singh 4 days ago
sahib Hashmi 4 days ago
Identification of WWE ' The Undertaker ' 1st hero of WWE
veera mani 5 days ago
I miss you
فولكينو ام سي 5 days ago
الاندرتكر المفصل عندي 😒
Justin Madore 5 days ago
Entire stadium full of people scream at the top of their lungs for over a minute as soon as theights dim. and somehow 7K dislikes.
Chari Mejias 5 days ago
Muhammad Raza 5 days ago
undertaker is very good and l was very liking him now towards when I have watched undertaker wrestling
Sagar Alhat 5 days ago
Www King👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Sagar Alhat 5 days ago
Dereka Zobo 6 days ago
Jefferson Luque 6 days ago
No les entiendo de lo que hablan
sahal ka 6 days ago
Undertake I Love you 😘😘😘
Jairo Avalos 6 days ago
undertaking is the best
Jerson Oyarzun 6 days ago
nunka van a poder superar a leyendas como unde taker
Youssef Meghroui 6 days ago
Mr crazy
loknath tiwari 6 days ago
undertaker is my favouritewrestler
Ali Hasan 7 days ago
I thing you all forget hulk hogan rock and austin
Ayush Vashistha 7 days ago
Undertaker is a ghost
Riaz Ali TV 7 days ago
Tim Williams 7 days ago
you can see the Goosebumps on Braun to be in the same ring with the undertaker is some of these guys dreams
just me 7 days ago
brawn does not leave cause he is scared he leaves out of respect for the taker
NISHA BISHNOI 7 days ago
🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 No words for UNDERTAKER👌👌👌👌👌 Love you ROMAN.
inspirational video's student 8 days ago
Kusum Rana 8 days ago
if our maths teacher is like UNDERTAKER !!!😂
Muhammad Nauman 8 days ago
Hay g kay hal g
Armugaan Kheratkar 8 days ago
You have edited this in a great way! Hats off. at 5:30 you can see Wrestlemania logo behind taker. The video was uploaded on 6 March 2017 and title says Undertaker returns 3 June 2017 WTF?
Niranjan kumar Rawidas 8 days ago
GHANTA 3-6-17 ka news dete Ho ******
Emmanuel Nwachukwu 8 days ago
I never knew Braun has respect
Emmanuel Nwachukwu 8 days ago
dido naymar 8 days ago
We will miss you so much undertaker 😖😭
Thomas Quagraine 8 days ago
I love the undertaker!!!
Hugo Sanchez 8 days ago
Is it me or they are chanting oh shit
منير كريم 8 days ago
متى اعتزل انترتيكر
Aslam Patel 8 days ago
khali is best
IMRANKHAN N 8 days ago
sampath YouTube 9 days ago
see this video
risky defalco 9 days ago
I LOVE YOU undertaker
Tyrone Lopez 9 days ago
mierda entra como el mismísimo dyablo
Tandin Dendrup 9 days ago
Arumugha Vishwa 9 days ago
undertaker is raw or smack down? John cena is raw or smack down?? any one replye
Durga Prasad 9 days ago
I love undertaker and my favorite player
Brian Franco 9 days ago
Chuntarito Ramírez 9 days ago
I like undertaker
صالحه سليمان سليمان 9 days ago
صالحه سليمان سليمان 9 days ago
MD Roton 9 days ago
Undertaker's is always kings for wwe