Fat Boy in Boxing | BUTTERBEAN Highlights Knockouts

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Fat Boy in Boxing | BUTTERBEAN  Highlights Knockouts

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Comments to the video: Fat Boy in Boxing | BUTTERBEAN Highlights Knockouts

Bryan Harrell 2 days ago
Man, does Butterbean have a NECK! Makes his head look firmly attached to his body. He's a totally amazing puncher. Certainly works hard for his living. Must make his wife and sons proud of him.
littleteethkeith 6 days ago
I never knew Louie CK was a boxer at one time.
Indio Sonorense 12 days ago
ese volado de mano derecha era letal del frijolito de mantequilla
Gary Olivier 13 days ago
Love Butterbean!!
Daniel Caton 16 days ago
Force equals mass times acceleration. and that's a whole lot of mass.
Жизнь Прекрасна 19 days ago
Alex HC 21 days ago
He’s not a fat boy, he’s a fat MAN
xReaperx5 26 days ago
What a Monster. I often wonder, what would happen if after every knockout they threw a new opponent in. How many could he take down.
Pedro Ricardo Jesus Da Silva Ferreira 1 month ago
PLZ Song
Johnny Lariat 1 month ago
Could only imagine its like being hit with a jack hammer
LaughTooHard 1 month ago
I love Butterbean. NEVER get within range of the overhand right. He's a real sportster too. You never see him hit late, nor does he punch on the break.
Chris Legaspi 1 month ago
Is that bob from tekken
DRgrifa666 1 month ago
no music please
Josh C 1 month ago
you dont wanna fight a guy that dont have a neck
Darren Lind 1 month ago
a force of nature
HighCurrent11 1 month ago
You gotta love the ferocity of Butterbean!
ratakaio 1 month ago
I love this guy :D
Counter Kidnapping 1 month ago
I've seen this guy. He fought Bob Sapp and Sapp cried in the ring
Josh Pollack 1 month ago
晴耕雨读 2 months ago
the Man's entire body tells one truth: butter is good for you.
Bacon jesus 2 months ago
Екатерина Чайкова 2 months ago
Ты токой потрясающий я попросту таю от твоих боев на ринге
TzRAnonymous 3 months ago
What’s the music called?
consistency man 3 months ago
@ 2.40.watch closely.he doesn't even connect he LITERALLY misses like 3-4 punches and hits air as his opponents doing his fuck this shit I'm out thing. What an absolute joke! Rest of the vid was great but that one was just.WTF seriously?!
Блуждающий Дух 3 months ago
Блять.вот колобок долбит.Рушит всех нахуй.:-)
MHR Bernards 3 months ago
He's not muscular but this is what make this guy better, when you think he's just fat he hit you with a well rounded jab.
Scott Rackley 4 months ago
In a dark alley, I want Butterbean and Chuck on my side, god help you.
classiclarry88 4 months ago
The speed of those swings and all that mass behind it is what splits planets into moons and asteroids.
Yoni Miss 5 months ago
Music name?
Dadin izou 5 months ago
BYUNG OK KIM 5 months ago
Nobody can stand his fist.
Falko Finsterbusch 6 months ago
Falko Finsterbusch
Aldo Roccamo 6 months ago
Non funziona niente.cosa bisogna pagare per vedere qualcosa?
Purple Hippo 6 months ago
Best boxer ever ! A joy to watch.it's like he's beating the bullies in the playground.
Purple Hippo 6 months ago
It's a cartoon 😳
whiterottenrabbit 6 months ago
Fuck, that music is really shitty, for fuck's sake!
Jason Coleman 7 months ago
not very impressed. most fights he's not in his weight range or class. knocking out guys much smaller then him. still talented, but want to see more in his weight range
Chris Kokolios 7 months ago
He deserves a cheeseburger after such knockouts
s b 7 months ago
wanna be this guy.don't care about how fat/big he is.much respect daaamn imagine a fight featuring mike tyson and this living tank
Nate Potts 8 months ago
Imagine butterbean vs my favorite rapper big pun would have been epic lol
jrockoplen Koplen 8 months ago
Butter Bean is a beast !.
Neosongkiller 8 months ago
Big people can fight
Baran Tatlı 8 months ago
Muhammed Ali buna tek atardı bu barzoda boksörmü
Jed Theonly 8 months ago
Rip Bart Gunn
Esteban Biennati 8 months ago
That man is majin buu
JestenPawl 8 months ago
this guy is a legend
Ravish Singh 9 months ago
a bull fighting in the ring
NormalStyleCrew 9 months ago
1:06 y u kick
Doom Slayer 10 months ago
Ah the Nevada State treasure BUTTERBEAN look well children look well
Urban Outdoorsman 10 months ago
A lot of those knockouts looked like flops
Andy Yan 10 months ago
Butterbean vs Tyson? Who would win?
Dave Here 10 months ago
Easily my favourite boxer, such a beast!
TwizZtiN 10 months ago
Gotta love Butterbean.
berner 10 months ago
Butterbean got a highlight video?
Rundi MC 11 months ago
There definitely looked like a couple of dives in there. I would've done the same. Nice title by the way.
Gopinath K 11 months ago
It looks like fake fight like wwe
Ravi Neelakantan 11 months ago
Was butterbean kind of like the globetrotters but for boxing?
Mano RK 11 months ago
GenericName 11 months ago
Im just imagining little people in their heads with red sirens gping off yelling shields down we cant take another hit!!!!!
John 11 months ago
Damn that dude is fat but he can throw punches quick
Tighe Carroll 11 months ago
if the united states of america became a living person, it would be butterbean.
Caleb Hu 3 days ago
Fat, rich, white, but also the hardest-hitting guy in the ring.
kevin084life 2 months ago
Tighe Carroll Facts! 📠
consistency man 3 months ago
+Scott Rackley would love to brother but I live in shitty old England
Scott Rackley 3 months ago
+consistency man well, come on down to Tennessee then man. I'll grill some steaks and we can go fishing. We're friendly here and don't judge, other than judging if you're having a good time.
consistency man 3 months ago
+Scott Rackley which chuck dude America's got themselves a good few chucks?
Zeno Bianchini 11 months ago
We want the name of the song! So we can kill the composer
KashiKrunch 1 year ago
Butterbean is the king of the 4 rounders.
YeahWhatOoh 1 year ago
dude has 77 wins and 59 knockouts in boxing.man is a savage
Mike Hawk 1 year ago
Man the guy is a tank
Smiley G 1 year ago
Should have played kingpin in the Punisher Netflix series
تيما صقر taima saker 1 year ago
Paul Fisher 1 year ago
at least u wear the red, white n blue n kick ass, ur an awesome fighter!!
randall shattuck 1 year ago
It's like if u shot a giant ham out of a cannon and tried to catch it with your face.😎😎😎
Andreas M 1 year ago
Modern Gaming 1 year ago
Butterbean is op
Khizer Butt 1 year ago
I watch this video before I go to the gym, everytime. motivation grind fitness fitfam newyearnewme
Pugiron 1 year ago
Don't forget Johnny Knoxville
Tim Edmonds 1 year ago
I boxed for 17 yrs. fought x3 around 300 lbs, They did not move like this Butterbean. he does not even really bother to guard. Its a monster that smiles when its hit.it likes pain.
luis Mena 1 year ago
ty kolbeck 1 year ago
butterbean vs foreman
Happy Man 1 year ago
Respect to the Bean!
K3nshi 1 year ago
Bob Richard
TSEVEENEE Tserendolgor 1 year ago
Outworld The Insane 1 year ago
MFW people who've never stepped into the ring think they can tell when someone is 'throwing' a match.
Efrain Esmeral 1 year ago
Y este que ganó?
Jari Viitanen 1 year ago
Most of opponents were bums but nevertheless BB was a phenom.
Outdoors Brash 1 year ago
So this is how type 2 diabetes attacks people. Ok now jokes aside for that amount of fat all respect to that man, has nice flow and speed, If he'd shed some off he'd become a superhuman as that would double the speed.
AVLRECORDS 1 year ago
people like that ruin the name of any sport, being fat on stage just kills the image
SirBallBag 1 year ago
Butter bean has always been an inspiration to me as a fat amateur boxer and martial artist he gave me a lot of courage when I was younger I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYBODY THINKS
Rekthief 1 year ago
He slingshots those punches around his massive orbital body and you can’t see them coming over the curve of his stomach’s horizon until it’s too late
To0t 3 months ago
i think his fat covers when he wind up his punches (as in it counter jiggles or some shit). like if the opponent look at his shoulder his fat provide a delay or latency that hides his punch until it is too late. and for the opponent that sees it he just punches their body or something like this video and they get hurt..
Floyd Mayweather 1 year ago
8 billion views 1 year ago
Tony Montana 1 year ago
you are lighing butterbean
Ryan Gordy 1 year ago
Mark Hunt vs Butterbean. Make it happen Dana.
RHclips 1 year ago
Last knockout was the best
Dinesh Paul 1 year ago
RHclips sexual
Willie Green 1 year ago
0:30 was fake
OutLaw Shyt Entertainment 1 year ago
Real life majin buu
Dick Беstial 1 year ago
With that physique and the sport he is into, then we can say he has the toughest heart (organ) in the whole world.
Jeevan Thapa 1 year ago
Fat ass punch 😧👊🏻
Cooper KOch 1 year ago
He looks like a meme but he’s actually nice
TheOtam21 1 year ago
0:27 is that a joke?
Brydon McKibben 1 year ago
2:59 rocky vs rocky
Mohammad Ali 1 year ago
Interesting Amateur Charakter but i am 100 % sure the first 5 one was bought
Mache Vefrega 1 year ago
craaaazy guy!!
Savvy Volley 1 year ago