Bayern Munch vs Chelsea 1-1 (pen 3-4) - UCL Final 2012 - Highlights (English Commentary) HD

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Bayern Munch vs Chelsea  1-1 (pen 3-4) - UCL Final 2012 - Highlights (English Commentary) HD

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Comments to the video: Bayern Munch vs Chelsea 1-1 (pen 3-4) - UCL Final 2012 - Highlights (English Commentary) HD

ramiresibsen 6 minutes ago
Cech had one of the greatest goalkeeper performances in a big stage
Anto Hart 1 hour ago
2:58 lol. Ribery play bad in that final
Cr 7 4 hours ago
Drogba *WHAT A HERO*
Max Henzell 5 hours ago
This made me cry. I fucking love Chelsea💙💙💙
マルアニシュ 5 hours ago
Bayern have never lost a penalty shootout in Europe, and Chelsea have never won one
day dreamer 10 hours ago
that was Chelsea year
Isai Gomez 15 hours ago
second 5 clearly you see the curse for the bayern
Touré maman Cisse 17 hours ago
Didier merci cisse Ismaël Paris anyama
George Kapsourakis 1 day ago
Barcelonas and Messis penalty gift.
JD Bhatts 1 day ago
HOW THE FUCK CHELSEA WON THIS CHAMPIONS LEAGUE I WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND Dominated by Barcelona in the semis and thumped by bayern in the final. Drogba gave away a penalty to barca and they missed it. Gave away penalty to bayern and then they miss it. Scores the equalizer. Scores the winning penalty. Well if there are any football gods, they were shining upon chelsea that year no frickin doubt.
310kyoto 1 day ago
Why is Drogba so handsome?
Abhijith Aji 1 day ago
A. COLE 👌👌
Aliwa Ochieng' 2 days ago
i m watching this today and still feel like I'm doing it for the first time. This was awesome
Sebl Play 2 days ago
Worst Cl Winner of all time
عبدالرحمن احمد 3 days ago
Coman chelsea
인직 3 days ago
drogba started drogba finished
Sadman Ishraf 3 days ago
Alot of people made fun of Fernando Torres playing in chelsea but without him they wouldn't have won the champions cup.He was a true legend.
day dreamer 9 hours ago
no even if he was not able to score we were through by away gaol rule
Sadman Ishraf 9 hours ago
+day dreamer and the goal he scored against Barcelona was the reason they were in the final
day dreamer 10 hours ago
Sadman Ishraf corner won cz of him
Pedro Mendes 3 days ago
Drogba decided the game , he is an legend.
Doctor Billy 4 days ago
bayern were on constant attack
Musiko 4 days ago
I come here often just to have a smile 😊
FeikkiTupakkaLakko Ei ole sukunimeä 5 days ago
when your 2 favorite teams get to the finals. Bayer and chelsea ar myu favoriter 2 tem
Yaros :V 5 days ago
Gracias señor por darme la oportunidad de ver a este negro fenómeno llamado : Drogba❤️
Narby 6 days ago
Still remember that header like it was yesterday what a bullet!
Fashion Kid 7 days ago
Fashion Kid 7 days ago
The Pride of London 7 days ago
It was just our day that day ( the whole campaign really ). many forget how horrible of a start we had to the season that season. and to end it like this was soooo satisfying great words can’t describe. that night I wanted to kiss drogba’s head lol LOVE my blues
Kenneth Tembo 4 days ago
Dora siliya
Lalu Wahyurp 7 days ago
Chelsea history And jhon terry,lampard,cech,drogba,cole,ivanovic, And outhers Legend
Braima Sadjo Djalo 7 days ago
Boa jogada
Unknown XoXo 7 days ago
Drogba greatest striker of all time Doesn’t matter small medium big large teams finals or friendlies he will find the net he will wil those aerial duels against 1, 2 fuck me even 3 defenders A machine in air DIDIER DROGBA no one was better in air then Drogba
ramngaiha 17 7 days ago
Replacement for Drogba-error,not found
Minhaj Adan 7 days ago
Legend Drogba retired 2 days ago
Bee 7 days ago
Who's watching this in 2018?? Dramatic game ever. Chelsea for life.
FnAtic 8 days ago
Goosebumps when Didier hits that header!!
Abdul Azim 8 days ago
This is my fav footy match of all time!!!
Yusuf Eges 8 days ago
11:34 The huge between 3 legends of Chelsea Drogba Terry Lambard those reaction of that unbelievable
hasan çakırtaş 8 days ago
drogbaba galatasaray efsanesi
Isaac Assan 8 days ago
Mueller what a player!!
Tony Mochama 8 days ago
A tear rolled down my cheek - just reliving these fantastic moments - from six and a half years ago (okay, six years, 5 months and a week, to be precise).
Lorenzo Arias 8 days ago
How about Czech guessing correctly on all 6 penalties.
LOMO IV life 8 days ago
Franck Dieket 8 days ago
Tachi Konan 8 days ago
ces zoologie
Awadhi Mwapololo 8 days ago
amazing drogba
Huoy Socheat 9 days ago
Back to History so Pretty❤️️🇰🇭
sang pengembara 9 days ago
Pietr cech wowwww wowww wowwww
Anderson Silva 9 days ago
Recentemente Drogba se aposentou, daí vim aqui relembrar o dia que ele empatou o jogo nos últimos minutos, e foi dele o último pênalti batido. Assim como Lampard, Terry, Cech, Drogba também é uma lenda dos Blues. Thank you for everything King Drogba!
Chalesberg CA 9 days ago
The way Drogba runs to his team first. When Ronaldo did the same, he ran off and took his top off showing his muscles. That’s why CR7 will never be the greatest
Raymond Mensah 9 days ago
I don't think any team better deserved this trophy than the Chelsea team. Hard Core Survivors. Every player playing at 200%. What a game.what a team! Blues for life!
Macdonald Chigova 9 days ago
If ever you doubt that God is there, this game will change your mind. God was in chelsea's corner
حسن ال عطوه 9 days ago
Piter chic ❤️❤️❤️❤️
adam smith 9 days ago
i must admit thats as a Leeds fan i enjoyed this final a great deal.
Scousejordan 9 days ago
Drogba one of the all time best if not the best. He loved scoring against us(Everton) he was a machine.
g.g. 63 9 days ago
By far the worst team ever to win a major trophy.They played the most horrible football throughout the competition.Embarrassment!
Ojasvi Singh 9 days ago
what a match. glory
Raka LFC 10 days ago
Just Di Matteo
Mamadou saliou Ba 11 days ago
un jour inoubliable
Ill Saliva 11 days ago
I wish the engraver just put didier drogba 😂
Jamaican Drama TV 11 days ago
50 likes if you miss drogba!
Sướng thành Nguyễn 11 days ago
G-Money 11 days ago
5:40 What a hit son. What a hit
Kurt Cobain 12 days ago
10:28 when your mum finds your porn collection
Jay Cooper 12 days ago
Ribery getting injured and Olic getting subbed on to ultimately miss the penalty
lama boit 12 days ago
Best striker
NobleGuy 12 days ago
I'm a United fan so secretly wanted Bayern to win, but what a header to equalise :) Deserved it in the end.
Soro Lefoumba 12 days ago
it was a great moment for me and many people
TRIGGA_X 007 12 days ago
I'm gonna cry, literally my childhood
Nenad Ristovski 12 days ago
Chech , Terry, Lampard, Drogba great job dudes finaly
Ilhan H 12 days ago
Drogba Legend 👑
Johnson Ngoda 12 days ago
Drogba alikua mwimba
Agcobile Shushu 13 days ago
Ah was only 16 years of age during this final but. but ah always come here to watch Drogba, Peter and Lampard just for a moral booster, ohman ah love Chelsea ❤ All the way from East London in South Africa
Andree San 13 days ago
6 años despues y waa sigue siendo como si la estuviera viendo en vivo cuanta emocion y nostalgia a la vez.
m0ntheg3rs 13 days ago
Drogba the legend
razbigranicu 13 days ago
Bayern played in their home ground, had 1-0 lead 8 minutes before the end, penalty in extra time, 2-0 lead in the shootout and threw it all away. Unbelievable.
Orxan Babayev 13 days ago
Bavaryanin Evinde Udmax Heyqi Lezzet Vemisdide.<DROGBA,TORRES,LAMPARD,TERRY,ÇECH> Heyif Qocaldiz EFSANELER :(
instantsurgery 13 days ago
How did they engrave Chelsea in the cup in like 30 seconds???
instantsurgery 13 days ago
chelsea stole a UCL lol Vs Barca and Bayern, totally outclassed
Miles TheDude 14 days ago
I hate looking back at this
Oscar Paredes 14 days ago
What a player was Gomez, and this wasn't the game of Robben, he failed a lot of his shoot and also missed a penalty
Šimon Bryja 14 days ago
Šimon Bryja 14 days ago
Campesino Us 14 days ago
Recuerdo este partido, cuando Drogba hizo el penal dije ya valio verga, pero al final hubo un final feliz✌✌✌👏👏👏
muhammed rafi ts 14 days ago
check every jumb is perfectly right.that on his day
stephane abe 15 days ago
Bruno Lucas 15 days ago
The unsung hero mister ASHLEY COLE, he was enormous during the whole season in Europe! Thank you Ashley
Thomas Sanga 16 days ago
I like Chelsea
Rushaad Murzban Engineer 16 days ago
Abseloute domination by bayern, dont see how people say chelsea deserved it in any way
riza bmx 16 days ago
Struggle in league but they still win UCL spectacular!!!!
Gedion Tandoh 16 days ago
Drogba’s penalty kick was very tricky and powerful.🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫
MD Rasel Raj 16 days ago
Hunter match 😍😍😍😍🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
Cbg G 16 days ago
I can only hope What Poch has built can one day lead us to the same glory and experience what they experienced 6 years ago. We have the roster and squad to do it. It’s just a matter of believing. 🙏
Antonio 16 days ago
when anyone says de gea is better than cech, show them this video. also drogbas plain and simple a legend
Filips Sorokins 17 days ago
Bayern could win chealsie 5:1. So unlucky
Ahmed Mahmoud 17 days ago
Mr Lampi 17 days ago
This triumph was for Frank Lampard late mother.
anyk rabe-jantunen 18 days ago
This is a feel good video
YoosyXD-MineCraft & More 19 days ago
who else spotted Bayern Munch in the title
john gatambia 19 days ago
2018 anyone? I still remember this great night!
houz ultimixes 19 days ago
I watch this game once every month
Moez bee 19 days ago
I get very emotional 😭 whenever I watch this highlights, one of the best night of my life
siddharth khandelwal 20 days ago
goosebumbs every time:') That miraculous season